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In awe of Hotwire Canada

Hotwire Canada is the choice of the masses and classes altogether. From saving cash to offering great discounts at varied locations all around the world, Hotwire Canada is the savior for the travel bug inside you. It provides great deals on all sought of things related to travelling from car rentals to hotel accommodation, cheap airfare tickets to group/family packages.

The way it works is by selling off travel liabilities that remain unsold during off-seasons at amazingly discounted rates.

Globally Recognized

Hotwire Inc. is a subsidiary of Expedia Inc. that also manages, and This online company based in San Francisco, CA is one of the popular travel website around the globe. People rely on it for its year’s long experience in providing quality trips to its clients. Satisfaction and trust makes it one of the leading travel sites in the world that offers great discounts on all its travel related services. Moreover, the prices at which Hotwire Canada gives tour and travel packages are really lucrative and easy on the pocket. 

Many people wonder how Hotwire Canada pulls it off with so many discounts and great deals on travel plans. The answer to this comes from the long-standing bonding with major players in the tourism industry. The behind the scene reason for so many good discounts deals are real simple, what Hotwire Canada does is fill the unsold rooms, car bookings, hotel reservations to tourists that would go into the bin. Therefore, Hotwire is minting money with this innovative business plan and it has worked wonders for them. It is beneficial for the tourism industry too as it saves them from loss, any money is good money as long as it is covering your basic expenses of maintenance. Hotwire Canada and the major travel agents are benefitting from this arrangement of offering lower rates to the travellers during off seasons. There is no hidden agenda behind this business plan, it is simple yet lucrative, there is no guessing game or even an auction by the clients for availing the discounts offered by Hotwire.

All in One Box

If you are looking for a travel plan over the weekend or fixing up a surprise family reunion during the Christmas, do not worry at all, just log in to the website for last minute deals of the platter to suit your budget and requirements. Whether it is an outstation vacation or a local get-together for a Sunday Luncheon Hotwire Canada is there for your rescue. Leave your worries at home and give them a chance to prove your caliber. People looking for a perfect getaway deal for their honeymoon or romantic vacation can rely on Hotwire completely as they will suggest you the most romantic destinations at extraordinary prices so that you do not over indulge yourself. This fantastic website launched a decade ago in 2000 by Eric Grosse, Spencer, Gregg Brockway and Karl Peterson with the objective of providing unmatchable rates to travellers for renting cars, booking cruises, discounted airline deals, tour deals and hotel reservations. 

Peak Into the Past

Initially funded by the giant Texas Pacific Group by a start-up investment of $ 75 million, Hotwire Canada named Purple Demon as a code in their infancy stage. In the year 2003, Inter Active Corp acquired the company and made some very useful changes that benefitted the whole industry. They included leading Tree, Ticketmaster, City search and HSN with Hotwire for its expansion.

Ranked as one of the top-notch travel website for providing higher customer satisfaction, Hotwire leads the way for other companies. They have set an example by being the “Highest in customer satisfaction for independent travel website: award by J.D. Power and Associates Independent Travel Website. Since 2007, they have been winning the award consecutively.

There are other awards too that the company has won like in 2009 Hotwire received “Best Places to Work in the Bay Area” by the San Francisco Business Times. Hotwire employees are the most satisfied employees in the complete Bay area; their fun quotient at work is higher as compared to their rival companies. Another award in their kitty is the top ranking among hotel travel Web sites by the Market Metrix in the same year i.e. 2009. 

Method of Operating

There is a peculiar method of operation followed by Hotwire Canada i.e. hotels, car rentals and airlines approach Hotwire to fill their unreserved seats that are not booked. In return, Hotwire displays the relevant information online for their clients and offers discounts but in the meantime, they make sure that they do not display the name of the participating clients of the company. The name of the company is disclosed only when the service is already bought by the traveller. Only after the payment made that the traveller is allowed to view the details regarding their purchase. This mode of operation is known as ‘Opaque’. However, they do promise a quality brand to satisfy their customer’s quest for answers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is every corporate giant’s responsibility to take care of the environment in which they work. Hotwire Canada keeping in mind these objectives takes an initiative to build a forum that is philanthropic, charitable, conserves energy and work for social development with a hint of fun in it works towards a better society. 

Hotwire has taken steps towards the same by introducing a Community Service Day to make their employees engage in activities to conserve their resources. It is a perfect way to relax and have fun with some productive work done in the name of doing your bit for the world. Activities like clean the park, organizing special events for older citizens in the community, teaching students who cannot afford quality education, helping in the food distribution centers for the destitute etc. Hotwire Canada also gives opportunity to its employees to help organizations to which they are associated with or care deeply about an issue. Hotwire support their employee’s cause and sponsors charity events for them.

Partner’s Share

There are many partners of Hotwire, which offers quality and quantity of services. Let us find out some of the biggies from that league:


Hotwire promises to return booking money if you find a better or similar deal in any of the other websites. They will refund the difference money between the two offers. It is great how easily and confidently Hotwire operates its business, they are leading the herd by being innovative and creative with their package deals. Some of the major leading brands that work with Hotwire are:

  • InterContinental Hotels & Resorts
  • Econo lodge
  • Best Western
  • Four Points by Sheraton
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts
  • Hilton
  • Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

Car Rentals

Get the best deals with Hotwire Canada car rentals. It will serve you good and also save money, so that you can spend it in more lucrative things like shopping and lounging. Partners of Hotwire in car rentals are:

  • Alamo
  • Europcar
  • National
  • Budget
  • Hertz
  • Enterprise


Fly away to any place you want to with amazing discounts on flights by Hotwire. Be it national or international Hotwire has it all in its backpack. Their associates in airline industry are:

  • US Airways
  • AirTran Airways
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Air France
  • Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Emirates
  • Lufthansa

Hotwire Canada believes in serving the best to its customers and in this quest they are succeeded until date. With high-end technology like ita software, Pegasus solutions and Sabre, Hotwire is sure to deliver the promised word. 

Value Your Trust

Hotwire Canada ensures that all your personal and travel related information are saved from any kind of manipulation or exploitation. The information that the customers feed in to the system while making reservations are only shared with the suppliers, business partners, third party vendors and referring websites. Therefore, you can take a deep breath, as no personal details will leak out from Hotwire.

Additional Tools

Before you decide upon the destination and the tour packages make sure you make use of the additional features like ‘TripStarter’ that gives a complete history of airline fares and hotel rates. It helps you in comparing the lowest and highest rates of accommodation and travelling during a certain period of the year. It also works as an event locator and gives a brief about recent happenings and weather forecast of a particular case. ‘Go Local Search’ is another tool that helps in locating places that are within 250 miles from your original location. It lets you get the feeling of a vacation without even crossing a lot of distance. ‘Trip Watcher’ is a great tool that lets travellers informed about the fluctuations in pricing of hotel accommodations and flight rates throughout the year. It helps you in choosing the best vacation time at a discounted price that is affordable and luring at the same time. Hotwire Canada is the perfect gift to an urban nomad who is always looking for some or the other travelling plan and is ready with his/ her bags packed in the hallway. So before you plan your trip offshore make sure you get the best deal by using the additional tools by Hotwire.

Bling the night

Now that you have planned your vacation, the next step is to know- what are the things that you can in a particular city. Where to eat, what to see, places to shop, shows to watch, events to attend, a lot many things that run in your mind like a mill. The simple answer to all your travel related worries is just a click away. Log on to Hotwire Canada’s website to know about tour tickets, show tickets, museum and concert passes to make your stay worthwhile. It is advisable that you book your activities on priority basis to avail discounts and be prepared to have fun. Nighttime activities for party lovers and clubbing until the wee hours of the morning is sure to happen if you do a thorough research on your perfect getaway destination. 

Take Your Pick

What is more with Hotwire Canada is that you can choose your holiday packages based on themes or price range. Get to know about destinations that lie in your budget and choose from a range of 4-star or 5-star hotels to sunny destinations. There are numerous themes available on their website to choose from like big cities, golf, ski, family destinations etc. It is all up to you to decide, all Hotwire can promise you a good time at affordable prices. Be ready to roll and have the time of your lifetime.

People all over the world trust the name Hotwire. Especially in Canada Hotwire has created a niche audience for itself who blindly trust the company for its excellence and customer service. When you are dealing with Hotwire Canada be sure to be well-taken care of by their services and staff. Hotwire Canada is an online travel website but they believe in developing human bonding with greater emphasis on lifelong relationship with all its customers.

Instead of waiting for someone else to plan a vacation for you, why don’t you take an initiative and surprise your loved ones by planning a flawless trip over the weekend or during the holiday seasons. Hotwire will be there to take care of all your travel related tensions. It is Hotwire Canada’s aim to offer you a hassle free trip with the lowest prices so that you can enjoy yet do not regret the vacation at the end of the day. They value your money and time. It is impossible to find such great deals elsewhere leave alone at the best hotels and airlines at the same time. It is like eating an apple pie with ice cream yet not putting on those extra carbs that you feel guilty about later. With Hotwire, you do not waste a single penny. 

If you were to compare deals with other services which over discount travels, and you will find that none compare to Hotwire.

So hurry up and pack your bags. Hotwire is waiting for you to approach them. Happy travelling!!!

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